Aerial surveying and inspections

Avoid the need to employ costly scaffold or MEWPS to carry out a high level survey such as a communications mast, wind turbine or roof.
Roof surveys and inspections can now be carried out without exposing surveyors to the risks of works height.


We can provide a video or still images of the entire roof or areas of particular concern.
We can provide a live feed to our clients so that they can direct us to further points as the inspection progresses.

Survey and modelling:

Our surveys Photogrammetry: how it works:
Our UAV captures overlapping images. Our software identifies and matches thousands of key points. It extracts geometry to calculate camera position for generating an accurate map or 3D model.

In the post production studio we can export the 3D model to an Autocad drawing and produce an accurate drawing of the building or land.
useful for: planning applications, project planning, Solar PV layout, roof plant layouts

Using the 3D model we can accurately calculate the volume of stockpiles and earthworks etc – Useful for civil engineering contractors / main contractors for valuing works done or quarries for valuing stock pile.

Helios Roof inspection_edited-1
Rowan way inspection 2_edited-1