Our Pilots have many years experience in the Construction industry and taking construction aerial images. We are familiar with the health and safety requirements of running projects. Our Pilots have CSCS cards and our director has NEBOSH Construction qualification.

Aerial Progress Ltd. can visit your site at regular interval to produce an accurate record of your construction project.

Flying our UAV (drone) over your site with our Ultra-HD 4D camera we can supply you with a video or still images recording the progress of the site from above. We can follow a pre set route on each of our visits and produce a time lapse presentation.

For Contractors: 

Contractors have found that taking photos of the site can be somewhat limiting. Having regular construction aerial images of the site can help with:

  • Progress reporting to management.
  • Providing an accurate recording of progress to help with dispute resolution.
  • Providing project managers with an overall view of the entire project.
  • Induction videos.
  • Site traffic management plans / emergency planning.
  • 3d modelling of the project; useful for accurate calculation of volumes stockpiles earthworks etc.

For Clients :

Clients have found that contractor’s site records and photos can be limited and biased. We supply timely progress images for the showing an aerial view of your site.
The construction aerial images enables stakeholders to “keep an eye on” the contractor’s progress of the project without the need to visit site allowing greater efficiency. This can be useful to aid dispute resolution.

construction aerial images
aerial images construction

Aerial Surveys : 

Using our Unmanned Air Vehicles we can access those places previously unaccessible without the use of costly MEWPS or scaffold. Our 4K camera provided Ultra HD images to able a structure to be visually inspected and recorded.

Roof Surveys:

Aerial Progress Ltd specialise in conducting roof surveys. Using our techniques we can accurately produce a 3D or 2D images to enable exact dimensioning of the structure and services, chillers, flues, skylights etc.

We can also carryout structural assessment of the building to ensure the structure is suitable for any proposed works such as Solar PV or additional mechanical plant. The structural assessment is carried out by a fully qualified and insured structural engineer.